Features of W°

* Eliminate microbial & viral contamination.
* Disinfecting Air & Surface
* Removes mold & allergens
* Removes toxic gases
* Removes organic & harmful substance
* Eliminates bad odors

Simply Every Where !!!
Public Transportation
Hospitals & Clinics
Governmental offices
Chain Stores
Offices & Homes
Bakeries & Restaurants
Shopping Malls
Gym’s & Kids Area’s
Schools & Universities



Today, we spend most of our lives in indoor environments. This puts our health in danger. According to researches, 90% of allergic diseases, performance loss & fatigue complaints are caused by the poor quality air of the indoor environment we are in.
In addition to increasing air pollution, the clean air in our living space is of great importance for our general health. Clean air in our living space has become a necessity not only for our relaxation but also for preventing future diseases.

Microorganisms, dust, bacteria, viruses * (eg Covid-19) & similar particles in the air we breathe circulate positively. We can simply define positive ions as contaminated oxygen molecules. The negative ion is the electronized form of the oxygen molecule & neutralizes positively charged microorganisms & particles in the air. As a result of this neutralization, the negatively charged particles are disinfected & thus our breathing of microorganisms & particles that adversely affect our health is prevented.
W° Air Disinfecting System protects our health & positively affects our health by cleaning the air in the environment with its improved Plasma technology. We can cite rivers, waterfalls, cascades & rains as examples of negative ions in nature. In short, W° Air Disinfecting System is a replica of nature’s disinfection.
The peace you feel next to a river or a waterfall emitting negative ions is now in your surroundings with the Plasma technology of W° Air Disinfecting System.

W° has an international patent & works with the Oxygen Plasma system, developed by W° , oxidizes bacteria, mold, fungus, virus and yeast in people’s surroundings (air & surface).
Thanks to the Oxygen Plasma system, the device breaks the harmful toxic molecule structure in the environment & turns it into oxygen, at the same time it eliminates the bad odors in the environment.
The oxygen-rich sterile air created by the Oxygen Plasma system reduces the risk of heart & lung diseases & increases resistance to asthma & allergic diseases.

W° Air Disinfecting System is a unique System not only with its quality & superior technology, but also with its elegant design. It improves your life quality with its stylish design, easy cleaning & different cleaning settings. All you have to do is enjoy the clean air.

It affects your life positively, especially in your homes & offices & every where else which are your living spaces. It is of great importance for the health & development of your children to use it indoors, such as nurseries, kindergartens, classrooms, where your children spend a long time & have a certain low air quality.
You can use your W° Air Disinfecting System Ionic in all indoor areas.