benefits of Crespine Gel +: Certified for all joints Duration of action of at least 6 months (in mild to moderate osteoarthritis) Crosslinking of hyaluronic acid for long life of pain-reducing effect in the joint Ultrapure hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (Biofermentative extraction) Relief after just one visit to the doctor Less pain and more mobility after only one application Targeted treatment of pain by injection directly into the affected joint space Cost-effectiveness through an innovative and efficient distribution concept Possible deferment pending surgical interventions


In Crespine Gel + is a certified medical device class III for single injection. It is used to treat patients who suffer from arthritis-related pain in the joints. Crespine Gel + is certified for the treatment of all joints. Crespine Gel + is injected as viscosupplement to reduce pain symptoms and improve joint function in the joints. It is indicated for pain and movement disorders in the joints (eg knee and hip), caused by degenerative processes and is as a single injection before. After injection, the hyaluronic acid forms a viscoelastic layer on the articular cartilage surface and thus relieves the pain symptoms. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of joint fluid (synovial fluid) in the human body naturally. With progression of osteoarthritis, however, the natural joint fluid in the joint and the incumbent on it “Lubrication & Protection” is changed lost. The hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel + contained cross-linked by a special production process and thus particularly stable against the body’s own degradation processes. The gel-like, viscous texture of Crespine Gel + can directly in the affected joint a shock absorber arise. Crespine Gel + contains in addition to hyaluronic acid 0.3% prilocaine. The local anesthetic prilocaine is used to alleviate the initial injection pain.
 Crespine Gel Plus Composition of Crespine Gel +: 1 ml CRESPINE®GEL + includes: Cross-linked Na-hyaluronate14 mg Sodium hyaluronate1.0 mg Prilocainhydrochlorid3.0 mg Water for injections ad1.0ml