Hyadent helps very effectively to reduce serenity, healing and recovery time. Its main component, the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is essential to the periodontal connective tissue. Like the natural hyaluronic acid component of the tissue, it acts as a barrier to plaque bacteria and supports a variety of extra-cellular functions that are necessary for a healthy gingival tissue. This is especially crucial because enzymes released by plaque bacteria damage the natural hyaluronic acid in the tissue, which causes gingival trauma, inflammation gingivitis ultimately periodontitis.
Hyadent significantly helps to reduce above mentioned infections by supporting the natural functions of the tissue. It combats inflammations, regulates cell permeability and reduces the abnormally high capillary permeability. This helps to prevent infestation by infectious micro-organisms, thus inhibiting the destruction of tissue. By normalizing the natural cohesive structure of the connective tissue (macro-aggregation of the Proteoglycans), Hyadent accelerates the rate of tissue reconstruction. The weakening of the mucosal tissue due to the influence of above mentioned bacterial hyaluronidase is thus reduced. Furthermore it influences both the migration of fibroblasts and fibrogenesis with the result that scar tissue formation and wound healing are promoted. Because of Hyadent´s high capacity to bind water, specific proteins and their tissue polysaccharides, anti-oedematous and protective functions are supported.
Hyadent´s low molecular weight hylauronic acid is clinical approved for the effective treatment of wounds and healing of the gingival and oral mucosa.


Hyadent is a new biodegradable non-animal based clear hyaluronic acid gel. It is used for the Dental Management of Gingivitis, Stomatitis, Parodontotis and surgical procedure post operatively.

Periodontal disease is present in all age ranges of the population and nearly everybody had experiences with gingivitis at some stage of his live. Poor oral hygiene post treatment can cause degeneration of the connective tissue of the teeth. If the worst comes to the worst it can be cyclical and even lead to tooth extraction. Therefore it is very important to treat the disease effectively and early.