* naturelize inline soft is recommended for injecting periorbital wrinkles. Successful treatment of periorbital wrinkles (crows’ feet) with inline soft enhances the patient’s youthful appearance.
* Naturelize inline is recommended for injection of mild to moderate forehead wrinkles. Its low viscosity is ideal for injecting forehead wrinkles, enabling precise and easy injection of mild wrinkles and allowing the required effect to be achieved with a small injection volume.
* Naturelize inline soft is recommended for targeted correction of glabellar lines. Its low viscosity and excellent flow characteristics make inline soft ideal for treating this indication. These characteristics enable it to fill out even pronounced glabellar lines naturally.
* Naturelize inline soft and maxface soft are used to treat marionette lines without risk of restricting facial expression. Marionette lines make the face look older and grumpier. A younger, more positive facial expression can be achieved very easily by injecting these lines with inline soft or maxface soft for a long-lasting effect.
* Naturelize maxface, inline soft and maxface soft have been designed for applications including treatment of the nasolabial fold. Pronounced folds, such as the nasolabial fold are one of the commonest types of treatment.


* inline soft consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process.
* inline soft is a gentle dermal filler especially adapted for a lighter augmentation treatment.
* This fully hydrated gel can be easily injected into the tissue and provides the skin with a juvenile look.