* naturelize inline is recommended for injection of mild to moderate forehead wrinkles.
* Its low viscosity is ideal for injecting forehead wrinkles, enabling precise and easy injection of mild wrinkles and allowing the required effect to be achieved with a small injection volume.
* Naturelize inline for lip volume and contouring.
* Naturelize inline is recommended for treating age-related changes and natural imperfections. Carefully placed injections can be used to mold lip shape, contour and volume according to patient requirements.
* Treatment of the philtrum is generally carried out when accentuating or contouring the lips.
* Small quantities of inline are injected to complement the accentuation of the lip contours.


* inline consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process.
* inline is an allround-filler for each kind of standard treatment.
* The optimal degree of cross-linking enables inline to offer the perfect balance of biological compatibility and excellent treatment outcomes.