* The outstanding plasticity of naturelize maxface makes it ideally suited to chin augmentation.
* Cosmetic chin augmentation is suitable for enlarging and treating a receding chin.
* Naturelize maxface, inline soft and maxface soft have been designed for applications including treatment of the nasolabial fold. Pronounced folds, such as the nasolabial fold are one of the commonest types of treatment.
* Naturelize inline, maxface and maxface soft are depending in the depth of the wrinkles suited for treatment of perioral wrinkles. Perioral wrinkles become more and more pronounced over time. The face looks older and less fresh.


* Maxface consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process.
* Maxface enables a stronger volumizing effect and is suitable for the treatment of medium and deep wrinkles.
* Furthermore this filler is ideal for correction of scars as well as augmentation of cheek and chin.
* The thixotropic nature of our hyaluronic acid ensures that the pressure generated in the syringe is sufficient to enable excellent, gentle maxface application. Once injected, the characteristics of the material facilitate ease of modeling and positioning within the tissues.
* A further advantage of our thixotropic technology is the ability to apply the material using a low diameter cannula.