Air heating/cooling pad, non-sterile. This product is for external use only. After use wipe with wet cloth. Do not allow the product to be in contact with oil.
Instruction for use: Remove the patch from the package and apply it directly to the skin of the desired part.


Thermal Patch
1. Product principle Physical application is a radio-emitting biomagnetic chip that matches the magnetic field frequency of the human body. The resonant frequency of physical application is consistent with the frequency of magnetic field generated by cell membrane. The biomagnetism stimulates cell fission, enhances the oxygen supply to promote cell growth, and accelerates the rearrangement of cells.
2. Product usage It is a biomagnetic processor of microcirculation IC that promotes microcirculation, balancing magnetic field, expelling wind and removing cold, beautifying the features and playing anti-aging effect. Indications of the physical application: Apply where there is a need on the body without professional operation, no side effect, safe and simple to use. It is the best products of keeping in good healthcare and playing anti-aging effect for you living at home.
3. Product effect
(1) Feeling of acupuncture pain there are many toxins in the body, which can block meridians and body circulation. The circulation is blocked during the process of gas-crushing lesions, and the feeling of acupuncture pain disappears if the meridians smooth.
(2) Hot sensation Cold stagnates in the body. The early operation may be some cumbersome that needs to take it up and down, but does not affect the using effect.
(3) Discharge of water-like substances Moisture accumulates in the body, cannot be expelled by spleen, and will naturally disappear when adjusting for a while. (4) Itch heavier moisture; body attacked by wind (5) Small rash Detoxification reaction; heart-fire and lung-fire hyperactivity; all of the above improving reactions are normal.

4. Main components Organic tantalum powder, far infrared powder, negative ion powder, various plant herbs, tourmaline powder The physical application uses modern high-tech technology to store active ingredients of organic powder, far-infrared powder, tourmaline powder, anion powder and various plant herbal in medical silica gel and shape it by pressing.
5. Usage Physical Application for Improving Biological Microcirculation is applied to the pain parts of shoulder and neck, attached to the skin. The heat degree is subject to the tolerance of human body, preferably about 20 minutes each time. If it is not hot for 20 minutes, wipe the wearing area with a wet towel and apply it again. It is recommended for three times each day, and one time is better to use before going to sleep. Apply it at where there is a pain on the body.
6. Precautions
(1) Contraindication in people having allergic constitution;
(2) Not for people implanted with mental stent;
(3) Not recommend for use in pregnant women or women at lactation period;
(4) Not recommend for use in people after drinking alcohol;
(5) Not recommended for use in cancer patients;
(6) Please wash the finger immediately after touching it and keep it out of reach of children.
7. Unsuitable people pregnant women, people who have cardiac pacemaker in body, which are forbidden
8. Self-checking sub-health status by micro-circulation physical application Reaction when attached to the skin.

Reaction Symptom

Fast heat -More toxins in the body, acupoints and meridians have been blocked
Slow heat-Heavy cold in the body, acupoints and meridians are blocked
Warmer-More normal acupoints and meridians have been slightly blocked
Thorn hot – Acupoints and meridians have been blocked for a long time
Scorching hot-The blockage of acupoints and meridian are very serious and with blood dryness
No feeling-Cold, eczema, silting-up, block of acupoints and meridians are very serious.

Skin reaction after being attached to the skin

Skin reaction Symptom
Redness of the skin-Weak circulation in the body, poor circulation of blood and gas
Drop of water- Heavier cold and eczema in the body
Small rash (itch)- Serious blood dryness and wind in the body
Large pores- Poor circulation of gas in the body
No reaction- The body is weaker